$14.85 per standard ceramic tip *fully assembled*

$20.00 per premium ceramic tip *fully assembled* 

Included with each tip is your choice of a 1/4" or 3/8" inch brass bushing to attach to your spray wand and nylon caps to protect the tips.

$62 for a 6-pack of ceramic tips 

The 6-pack includes 6 ceramic inserts, 2 plastic caps and 1 brass bushing.

Place your order today at 573-387-4110 or please call if you have any questions. All major credit cards are accepted. Most orders are shipped in 24 hours and can be expedited.


Ceramic Spray Tips 

80/70 for medium to large parking lots

573-387-4110     sales@usatipsonline.com

80/40 For driveways and small parking lots

80/50 for small to medium parking lots

 573-387-4110    usatips@att.net