what our customers are saying

Brian Holliday - Axtell’s Seal Coating, Willow Street, PA
“We have been using USA Tips for 16 years…We get very good wear from their tips, more importantly a beautiful spray pattern."

Jimmy Key - Seal Coat Specialties, Inc.,Colorado Springs, CO
“The ceramic spray tips shoots a better looking job and they outlast the steel tips 10 – 1."

Curt Bittner - All County Pavement Maintenance, Inc., Lindenhurst, NY
"Before we tried ceramic tips we used steel which was useless. With 5 lbs. of sand per gallon a steel tip blows out after 250 – 300 gallons. Once I tried a USA Tip, I knew that was the only way to go. You can put a few thousand gallons through a USA Tip and it still keeps a nice straight pattern, no “S” pattern which makes spraying an even coat impossible. They save gallons per job based on the fact that your coat is more uniform.  We have tried other brand ceramic tips and none can compare to the quality of USA Tips.  I would recommend them to anybody that sprays sealer.” 

Bob Gillham - Custom Asphalt Services, Johnson City, TN
"I’ve been using USA Tips for two decades. They last much longer than steel tips, but mainly they produce a very consistent spray patter.” 
Dan Biehl - Dun-Rite Asphalt Maintenance, Marinette, WI
"The tips work very well. You get no “S” pattern no matter how many gallons go through them. Steel tips suck.  I would never use them; only a gypsy sealcoater would use steel tips. A lot less over-spray with USA Tips. Have used them since they were developed.”

Tom Stanley - Future Sealcoating Company, West Warwick, RI
"We at Future Sealcoating of Rhode Island, are extremely impressed with the quality product and service that USA Tips offers. They aim to please and assist their customers, as is apparent upon every ordering experience. I've placed orders during short drives in between jobs, during the heat of a busy work day, so that it's one less thing on my to-do list, and every time Tammy processes my order quickly and efficiently, and is always so polite. I can always rely that my tips will arrive within just a few short days of ordering them, due to their rapid method of processing and shipping my order. They are a company that understands what contractors need. 

Now on to the tips themselves, I've used many different style spray tips, and without a doubt, for optimal results, as well as life span, you have to go ceramic, and I have not used better ceramic tips, than what USA Tips delivers. The spray pattern is always consistent, and it atomizes the material in a way that truly delivers superior coverage. A common phrase voiced among our operators while using them is, "Man this thing is covering sweet!”

The quality of the ceramic construction also enables the tip to have a very good lifespan, and even as they wear, they continue to give a satisfactory spray pattern, and provide good coverage. 

Overall, I can't speak more highly of these tips. My local sealer distributor offers inferior ceramic tips at a little more than half the cost, and I can tell you right now, they're half the quality. I will continue to use these tips, and continue to satisfy my customers with quality work. Thank you again for producing such a great product!"

Stephan Miller - Precision Striping & Sealcoating, Blairstown, NJ
"Worth every penny."

Charles Stanley - Neyra Pavement Products 
“Having applied many thousands of gallons of pavement sealer over a period of more than 30 years, I have used many different brands of spray tips. USA Tips are the best tips that I have ever used….Period!

The spray pattern from a USA Tips is completely uniform and fully atomized form one end of the spray “fan” to the other. This results in a more evenly applied coating of pavement sealer that dries to a perfectly uniform appearance.

I highly recommend USA Tips to all of our customers here at Neyra Pavement Products."

Dean Steinmeyer – DuMOR Construction, Bay Shore, NY
"We have been using USA ceramic spray tips for years. The increased lifespan saves us substantial amounts of sealer on every job.  I would recommend these to anyone who sprays sealer."

Gerry Signs - Asphalt Enterprises, Inc., Acworth, GA
"USA Tips last much longer than conventional steel tips, probably at least 4 – 5 times longer. Because they last longer they keep a perfect spray fan which guarantees perfect coverage of sealer and an even coating. Of course in the long run that saves sealer, in that you are not applying too much sealer when the spray tip wears out prematurely as in the case with steel tips. I have been using ceramic tips for over 25 years, and have been dealing with USA Tips for the majority of those years.  They have excellent customer service and always ship out their product in a timely manner.  I highly recommend them."

Thomas Pinkerous - Top Quality Sealcoat, Inc., Accord, NY
"I have been using USA Tips for 20 years now and they never let me down!"

Steve Lambert - Custom Paving & Sealing, Inc., Elkins, WV
"Using ceramic spray tips in our asphalt sealcoating business we understand the value of the additional cost over regular steel tips. USA Tips has provided me ceramic tips for years now along with exceptional service. 
Because of the extreme increase of gallons these tips provide me, I will be using ceramic tips from USA Tips for years to come."
Bruce Midgett - Midgett Brothers Seal Coating and Striping, Cocoa Beach, FL
"I brought two 80/70’s tips in 2010 and in December of 2015 I ordered two more. The two I’ve had for years are still good but I figured I’d treat myself. Best sealcoating Tips by a Mile."

Jeff Shembarger - Shembarger Asphalt Sealing
"These tips are awesome!!! Great spray pattern every time and lasts for thousands of gallons  Great service!!! Great Product!!!."

Mike Riffle - TLC Asphalt Sealcoating, Jefferson, OH
"Top Notch. Works great - a lot better than what we had."

‎Derek DeFrell‎ 
"Was hesitant at first, but once I ordered some spray tips to try, we were impressed! The spray pattern is perfect! Thanks USA Tips!!!"

Edward Calinski
"I've been sealcoating for 18 years. Hands down, best spray tip I've ever used."