Do the Math

How much money would you save
if you used 5% less sealer?

USA Tips are the most effective and economical tips in the sealcoating business.  Each tip is exclusively designed for sealcoating and is made to handle the abrasive aggregate in sealer.  USA Tips are made of the highest quality ceramic and are extremely durable.  They outlast other ceramic tips 2 to 1 and metal tips up to 5 to 1.

USA Tips also give you a superior even coat, and an even coat saves you both time and material and looks so much better.  The quality of your sealcoat job is only as good as the thinnest part of the spray pattern.  A poor quality tip either means thin areas or more overlap to get the proper coverage.  Because these ceramic tips are so durable, they continue to produce a quality, even coat time after time – long after other ceramic and metal tips have worn out. With metal tips, as tips begin to wear out, the spray pattern becomes inconsistent and heavy in the center.  This compromises the quality of your coverage and wastes sealer.  Since tips are rarely replaced immediately when worn out, especially in the middle of a job, this can be costly.  USA Tips will save you anywhere from 5% to 15% in sealer.  Even a 5% savings on 1500 gallon tank at $1.50 a gallon means over $100 in savings.  With constant increases in the price of sealer, every gallon saved is important to your bottom line.